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Resources For Black Authors

African American Publishers Pavilion

Black Authors Network Literary Talk Show

Black Expressions

Black Issues Book Review

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Assistant Sports Information Director with Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, CO.
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs with CUNY College of Staten Island in Staten Island, NY.
Urban Teacher Resident with Urban Teacher Center in DC/Baltimore Metro Area, DC.
Multiple Faculty Positions with California University of Pennsylvania in California, PA.
Training Specialist with Denver Public Schools in Denver, CO.
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Welcome to BlackAuthorsConnect.com!
Black Authors Connect is a social network and online community for Black authors who are looking to find or share resources and tips on how to sell more books.
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abuse: does sharing my personal story mean i lack forgiveness?
THERE IS NOTHING MORE AGONIZING THAN BEARING AN UNTOLD STORY. Maya Angelou (There are so many who have been there and need to hear your message loud and clear.) Gettin... (more)
purpose for the storms: a reason to keep living when everything is going wrong.
Why Are All of These Terrible Things Happening? Am I being punished? Will this ever end? Many people ask themselves these questions many times, especially during the most ... (more)
i dare you
Three simple words, I DARE YOU, but they are connected to one massive word CHANGE. To dare someone is to CHALLENGE them to become or do something they have not been accustomed... (more)
the good old days
I remember the time when we played house, You was the mommy and I was the daddy. Oh what such a lovely time we had together growing up. We use to walk to school together, ... (more)
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i see/ i feel
Peace and God's Blessings to all....Just me Don aka Poetiq1der doing what I've been doing for 28 years now....Poetry I hope everyone can find something to relate to in this pi... (more)
author reading: the mad sister
Mercy Jean Diamond was not loved by her mother or father. Her father was a busy doctor who had no time for his kids and her mother was a former prostitute who is mentally ill.... (more)
they loved with a closed fist book trailer: author carmen love
They Loved with a Closed Fist Book Trailer: Author Carmen Love They Loved With A Closed Fist is a true depiction of a young girlís life and times, declared with an innocent o... (more)
book trailer: bible thumping mattie mattie mae
Book Trailer for new gold edition of Carol Denise Mitchell's Rovella Starr By popular Demand! Buy Rovella Starr today @ https://www.createspace.com/4517832 ... (more)
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Facts About Black Authors
#1 - There are more Black authors than any other minority group.
Not only are African Americans more likely to start a business than our white counterparts, we are also more likely to write a book. Women, to be specific, are the leaders in these areas.

#2 - Black authors are finding success in e-books.
Many African Americans have found success in writing e-books. More and more are popping up, and selling like hotcakes. The subjects vary from business to health to parenting to sex.

#3 - Black authors are self-publishing at a faster rate.
After being burnt by publishing companies, African Americans are learning how to self-publish. Many are even printing and distributing on their own.

#4 - There are more conferences for Black authors than ever before.
In addition to tons of local events, African American readers and writers can also enjoy national events such as the African American Publisher's Pavilion, the Black Writers on Tour Conference, the Harlem Book Fair, the National Black Book Festival, and many more.

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